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The MEZZE box


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Bonapero MEZZE Box


Call it antipasto, call it grazing, or call it apéro, we present to you the compacted, ready-to-serve, fresh and tasty version of your favorite shared meal: our BonApero Signature Plateau Box.


The BonApero Signature Plateau Box is your perfect weekend treat that is the ideal centerpiece to every occasion. It contains basic elements of a traditional french apero mixed with our middle eastern touch inspired by our grandmas’ recipes; and yes -in case you were wondering, we stole the recipes from our grandmas’ drawers in Lebanon and Syria just for you ;) . Your BonApero Signature Plateau Box presents a wide variety of locally sourced products like artisanal cheese and charcuterie, fresh fruits and vegetables, and authentic middle eastern dips; all of them styled and compacted in one ready-to-serve box. You can easily take it with you on a picnic, to a family gathering, or to a romantic sunset by the beach. The BonApero Signature Box comes in many sizes depending on your event; two, three or ten, we got you covered. And if your small gathering turned unexpectedly into an open house party, let us know and we will solve it :)