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The Legendary Apero

by Jul 30, 2020Food & Lifestyle, Lifestyle Apero0 comments

Apero, Aperitivo, Happy hour or Grazing, call it whatever you want, but admit it, when it is on the table, you can never say no! We do not blame you. Why do you think we started an apero business in the first place?! Unlimited aperos, a dream come true :’)


Just like our famous hummus that fought its battle well, the Legendary Apero traveled all around the world and became a global food sharing concept. But where did it originate from, and who holds the title of the best apero? 


Let’s talk about history.


Apero comes from the term apéritif, known as a before-dinner drink to stimulate the appetite. In fact, the term comes from the Latin word, ‘apertitiuvum’ indicating ‘opener.’ So, yeah, it is Latin. Is it French or is it Italian, we do not know. What we know is that when you go to Navigli in Milan, it is maybe better to ask for an aperitivo. And when you visit Place des Vosges in Paris, un bon apero will do the trick.


But wait a sec, the legendary apero is a drink? Well, yes!


The aperitif used to have meditational purposes in the 16th century (and if you think about it, it still does 😉 ). It was known to be a flavored drink based on herbs and spices that tasted very bitter. The early producers then decided to make it more acceptable by diluting it in wine. And slowly it became popular as a non-medical treat and a social tradition.


France and Italy were early rivals in aperitif production, not only competing over the quality of their aperitif, but also over making the aperitif degustation more special and memorable by first adding some delicious nibbles and second by making the atmosphere around the apero unique and -of course, relaxing. 


And this is how apero was born.


From a simple pre-meal drink to a mode de vie. Yes, it is a mode de vie (or lifestyle). It is the appreciation of quality time around delicious food and alcohol shared with family and friends. From 6 to 9 pm it is time to sit down, relax, forget about work, and enjoy the moment!


Now, the question remains. Who holds the title of the best apero? We will let you decide.


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