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Journey of Hummus

by Jul 21, 2020Food & Lifestyle, Hummus

The Battle of Hummus


Was it Lebanese or Syrian, or was it Greek? Or maybe was it Turkish? Or Palestinian? The origin of hummus has been causing debates probably since it was first invented. And can we blame them?! I surely would want to be the inventor of one of the best dishes in the world. 

Many populations claim to be the father of hummus. But if you try to look for proof to when and where the hummus was invented, you won’t find any. Chickpeas, sesame, lemon, and garlic, the basic elements of hummus have been eaten and combined together in meals over centuries in the Levant regions. So now when your Egyptian friend says hummus is an Egyptian dish, you can proudly deny it and say “it belongs to the world”.

And it is true! Hummus is nowadays one of the most popular dips in the world used for apero, dinners, and snacks, fighting a close battle with guacamole. But -strong argument alert, did you know that hummus is aphrodisiac. It is made out of chickpeas, a powerhouse of proteins, and feelgood vitamins. This makes the cut, sorry guacamole.

You feel like you’re craving hummus right?! Check out our hummus recipe. Easy, fast, and delicious!

The debate over the origin of hummus is old–probably as old as hummus itself. The Greeks like to claim it as their own, but the Arabs are equally adamant in their claims. Even the Israeli’s claim it, but we’ll get to that later. So, who is right?

Regardless of where it’s originally from, hummus is a delicious dip and spread that’s enjoyed by all cultures, not just Greek and Middle Eastern. You can now find in just about every western supermarket and many mainstream restaurants. so it’s become a great example of a “crossover” food, so much so that some people find it so common now that they don’t even realize its roots.